Impossible Ablutions – Twin Flame Love

In Spring 2018, Spiritual Master Free Spirit will publish his latest book, Impossible Ablutions  related to the matter of Twin Flames, Karmic Absolution, Unconditional Love and finding Union with Source (or God).

In this book, Spiritual Master Free Spirit shares the experiences he had, after he he was catapulted through the astral at high speed, for weeks at a time, propelled by the energy of his Twin Flame in the astral, and the various experiences that happened to him as a result of these visitations which revealed much to him about the nature of Twin Flame healing, compassion, death, egolessness, forgiveness, healing, human love, karma and transcendental (Source) love from other planes of existence.

Impossible Ablutions – Book 7 by Spiritual Master Free Spirit

When he came face to face with his Twin Flame in the astral, many astonishing and somewhat extreme things happened to Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s awareness and perceptual experiences, and on many occasions, he was propelled forward in time to a state of transcendental existence beyond the collapse and beyond any conception of ordinary reality.

He found himself in an ascended reality,  outside of time, and his Earthly Life where he came face to face with the Pure Love of Source, and his Twin Flame – and then he understood the Truth about Twin Flame healing.

It was in those states of being, in states of transcendental love, where seemingly impossible karmas were removed from Spiritual Master Free Spirit’s awareness, and then he saw reality in a different way, when that love, merged with his wisdom.

His Twin bestowed love on him often and opened up the heart of a Spiritual Master on a deep level, and caused Spiritual Master Free Spirit to work with various aspects of the heart, Twin Flame healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love for one’s Twin Flame – and to integrate all that into his awareness.

He shares how he had to extract himself from near death experiences, energy cords that wanted to destroy his being and how he had to process an extreme awareness of the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere and the end of humanity in the 3D, and how ultimately, the pure love of his Twin Flame, helped him to see the healing through, and to hold the awareness of a dying world from a state of indestructible love.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit then understood how his Twin Flame was a gift from The Source, a gift of love, that helped him to complete his karmic learning, in this world, and the indestructible love that his Twin Flame mirrored to him in the astral, opened the doorway into another reality, of love, and the answer to the awareness of the collapse.

His heart then underwent many processes culminating in Free Spirit understanding Unconditional Love and Forgiveness and how such Love and Forgiveness (Source Forgiveness), frees one from all karma, and from all karmic disturbances – and separations from Source Love – so that one does not have to return to this world.

He had many experiences in the astral, of profound mystical experiences, that healed his ego, his resistances to Source Love and also of being propelled into the Central Galactic Suns, and back to his Source, by the energy of his astral Twin Flame – and there he was filled with a big love for his Twin, and this love, freed Spiritual Master Free Spirit, from all Earthly karma.

He journeyed millions of years into the future, beyond human civilization, beyond death, beyond karma, out of Earth Time and off the Karmic Wheel itself, through the Galactic Central Suns and into a full Source-Merger.

The experiences culminated on the December 21st 2017 Solstice where he was merged with the energies of the Central Galactic Suns – which caused Free Spirit’s awareness to transcend time, to be purified of all karmic remainder and to be merged fully with his Source Awareness – and Source (God’s) Love. He understood Immortality (Physical Ascension) to be a gift from The Source and that this Source Love can heal all Earthly karma, and open a doorway to ascend, and his Twin Flame was the mirror for this healing.

He writes about how the love of his Twin Flame took away from him, the karma of the collapse, propelled him deeply into the Heart of Source and how he found a state of Unconditional Love for his Twin as a result of these experiences, which then by default, heals every other karma in this world – and one is free to dwell in an unbroken state of Source (or God’s) Love.

Impossible Ablutions is a testament to the power of Transcendental Love to lift one out of Earth-Karma, and is a sharing from a Spiritual Master having witnessed an Immortal Awareness outside of Earth-Time and who had an experience of Transcendental Love with his Astral Twin Flame, that changed his life forever.

Impossible Ablutions is a read for advanced souls on the Twin Flame Path who wish to understand the Twin Flame Process, what it can involve, how to evolve from / work with it and how his understanding of love was changed as a result of such experiences, as well as a deep and insightful look into the heart processes of a Spiritual Master on the Path of Physical Ascension  and to understand the healing experiences he had in matters of the heart.

Copies of ‘Impossible Ablutions’ will be ready to order in April 2018.

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